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We are CluGrid

We're a startup focused on providing you with precise server services that really help in your everyday life. Feel free to contact us with any queries you might have.

ECommerce Optimized

Inspired by the latest trends of application deployment technology, we provide you with the best and fastest tools to get your ecommerce shop up and running.

Application Delivery

State-of-the-art Application Delivery Controller helps you speed up and secure your apps. That includes , but not limited to Node.JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and Erlang applications.

DevOps: Easy

Yes, we take care of all the backups and scaling and maintaining/updating packages, optimizing your applications. You just focus on your code, we do the rest!

Carefully coded

Simple on the outside and smart on the inside. Our platform is easy to work with, providing you with all the power of an IaaS, with the benefits of a PaaS.

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